Writing a resume on microsoft word 2010

Formatting tools that you might have been familiar with when using PowerPoint like reflection, shadow and glow can be used to format your text and make your resume more attractive and interesting. Choosing the right resume template The Resumes and CVs tab is a little more convenient for use, since it divides the offered templates into three categories: Basic resumes, Job-specific resumes and Situation-specific resumes.

One thing to note when looking at the templates on display is the little figure-like symbol shown in the bottom right corner of some of the templates. These templates make it a fairly easy process to replace placeholder text with real content to create your new resume.

All you have to do is click on each individual field, one at a time, and enter the corresponding information — name, contact information, education, work experience, recommendations, etc. Click on the File menu and then on Home.

When you select a resume template, a small preview appears to the right of the workspace, along with some basic details about it, such as who provided the template, what the download size is and what its average rating is.

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At the last count there were nearly resume templates that you could use. Have a look around and pick the template that best suits your needs as far as both content and appearance are concerned.

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How to Create a Resume in Microsoft Word (with 3 Sample Resumes)