Unsafe for children mattel s toy recalls and supply chain management

The supply chain must be designed to prevent these defects.

what actions could mattel take to minimize product recalls in the future

Such outsourced companies hardly have to face the problem of no stock. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that its products are produced to the highest safety standards that its workers are not exploited and that health and safety and environmental standards not compromised in the search for lower prices.

The relationship between all of those companies must be planned as strategic, thinking in the long term run. China should enforce quality licensing system for product exports. Get Essay All the toys recalled were manufactured in China and in total more than 1.

Mattel stakeholders

Study Questions Why do companies outsource? The case also provides the opportunity to examine response to a crisis situation, and the relationship between companies and governments. Another design problem was that some of the toys were susceptible to being broken. Clearly Mattel did not have sufficiently tight quality control procedures in its supply chain to compensate for the extra risks of outsourcing to relatively new Chinese subcontractors. S government must push to Chinese authorities using international lobbies and public opinion if needed to meet global standards on their products; they CPSC must work together with Chinese people AQSIC in developing new policies and laws that avoid similar problems in future. After first recall Mattel announced second voluntary recall for toys with excessive lead content. As a good HR practice Mattel had hired a professor with international reputation for being a critic of worker treatment to report independently of any malpractices in Mattel. G,Goldstein, S. Companies must take the most comprehensive care about the products that have their name on even they are not directly involved in the production process. When a child ingested more than one magnet, the ingested magnet could be bind together across intestinal folds, eventually perforating the intestine and causing serious injury or death. Mattel should support to Chinese authorities to discontinue organizations which do not follow the criteria mentioned or who operates with low quality. S government must push to Chinese powers to meet worldwide measures on their items; they must cooperate with Chinese individuals in growing new strategies and laws that maintain a strategic distance from comparable issues in future. J

But the primary causes are problems in manufacturing, design and usage. Two-third of the toys were pulled from inventory before they reached retail customers.

Mattel product recall

Design problems: A second cause for recall was defect in product design. Now before using paint Mattel should properly check and verify the certified vendors and suppliers. Clearly there were design flaws in the toys with the magnets that could come loose. Just after recognizing the problem the next best way to solve it is to involve the Chinese suppliers, and the Chinese and USA authorities. These measures will enhance the business exchange between both nations and will advantage the worldwide customer. However, better measures and corporate controls resulted from this event and they eventually transformed the manufacturing world for the better. The recalls were for excessive lead and for magnets that could become loose. Adhering to importing country standards and developing global standards are tasks which the governments, Mattel, industry associations, and consumers need to address. Chinese agency should increase efforts to certify exporters and should severely punish and blacklist the companies that fail to meet performance requirements. What should governments do?

Also one of the important advantages is to promote the cheap labor cost which helps in fixing the price of the product minimum. When a child ingested more than one magnet, the ingested magnet could be bind together across intestinal folds, eventually perforating the intestine and causing serious injury or death.

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Mattel’s Toy Recalls and Supply Chain Management Essay Example