Ucb sketch 101 writing assignments

So if you're looking for a more structured format to learning how to write, this class is a little more tilted toward verbal feedback after you write your sketch. Taught by Zack Poitras, the eight-week course was loads of fun while giving me plenty of challenges in terms of creativity.

A table read of everyone's sketches we had to bring enough copies for all the speaking parts in your piece plus one for yourself and one for the teacher. I hope to start taking Sketch Writing soon, as the whole experience was a blast.

ucb sketch 101 writing assignments

The Pope stepping down was announced, but that was really last minute. Which is great, in some regards, but also not so useful for integrating the knowledge.

ucb sketch writing notes

If you're someone who needs a due date from someone anyone to hold you accountable to turning out pages, this is great. I went with the News Pops one, since it needed the most improvement.

sketch comedy writing classes

I remembered that ridiculous CBS memo about the Grammys that got leaked and used that for inspiration.

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UCB Sketch Class Notes