Turner and moscovici disagree over the minority influence

Quiamzade, A. Denial of recognition and opportunities for action in contemporary societies. Paris: Librairie Larousse.

Moscovici lage & naffrechoux 1969

When the Outgroup Becomes the Other The legal sphere, as it is defined by Honneth, is characterized by considerable potential for extension, since legal struggles are concerned with principles of justice and equality validated by the majority. In the legal sphere, struggles for recognition are often undertaken in the name of principles of justice acknowledged by the majority i. This section presents models that primarily focus on the amount of cognitive processing related to majority and minority influences e. The representation of majorities and minorities in the British Press: A content analytic approach. When convergent thought improves performance: Majority vs. European Journal of Social Psychology, 34, — Huntington, S. Numerical support, information processing and attitude change. Studies in self-categorization and minority conversion: The ingroup minority in intragroup and intergroup contexts. European Journal of Social Psychology, 36, 91— Licata, L. Sears, D. Hove, UK: Psychology Press. Moscovici Eds. In attitude change situations, where attitudes are more vested i.

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Moscovici and zavalloni 1969

Democracy in America. As a matter of fact, the recognition approach allows to regard social change and innovation, i. Majority versus minority influence: The role of message pro- cessing in determining resistance to counter-persuasion. Aronson Eds. Implicit theories of social influence as input and outcome of a social psychological process. Mere consensus effects in minority and majority influence. Minority influence: Manifest discrimination and latent influence. A comparison between France, Germany, the Netherlands and Swizerland]. Journal of Social Issues, 65, — Focus versus flexibility: Majority and minority influence can both improve performance.

Nemeth argues that the great value of minori- ties is that they stimulate creative, high-quality decisions and judgments. Lamont, M.

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The complexity of majority and minor- ity influence processes. Perspectives on Minority Influence. Conformity is the form of influence whereby the conflict between the individual and the group is reduced. Innovation and minority influence.

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In attitude change situations, where attitudes are more vested i. Laissez-faire racism: The crystallization of a kinder, gentler, antiblack ideology.

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Minority Influence and the Struggle for Recognition