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Use specific details from the story to support your response. Tom acts as though he is virtuous and complains of others' faults, but he continues to treat people badly and take all their money lines Why does the devil say that Deacon Peabody will be damned?

what does old scratch offer tom walker and what does old scratch want in return

STA: AZ The worse off they were and the more they needed the money, the higher their repayment terms would be. The story touches on the subject of greed and what bad things that greed can do.

What character traits do tom walker and his wife share

Deacon Peabody, Crowninshield, and other "great men" from the colony are in the devil's hands despite their appearance of virtue lines However, the couple is always fighting, as there are a number of places in the book where the author says that they are not on the best of terms. Tom has a large house that is mostly unfurnished lines He thinks that his wife will come back to him if he finds the apron. The devil and tom walker is a short story based on a greedy couple. He hopes the apron will give clues about his wife's whereabouts. That he is a seemingly strong and prominent figure, but rotten on the inside Read Answers Match each word with its correct definition. Students may say that Tom encourages his own destruction by avoiding a virtuous life, conversing with the devil, and outdoing the devil. This most likely means that most "great men" are not completely virtuous. Unfortunately, the devil did not break the promise and he continued to protect the money. Tom is so successful at working for the devil because Tom a. What does the devil cutting the tree symbolize?

What bad traits do they have? Tom has a large house that is mostly unfurnished lines

tom walker might best be described as
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The Devil and Tom Walker Questions Master Tom and his wife are unhappy because they