Theme for english b by langston hughes

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He concludes that it will not be white. Well, these are the some of the questions that the speaker of "Theme for English B," struggles with, except the world in which he was asking these questions was in tumult.

Works Cited Hughes, Langston. The speaker wonders if it is that simple. The structure of this poem conveys a struggle for identity and truth in a fast-paced world whose ideas are constantly changing.

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Black, white, young, old, oppressed, free — all can strive for a piece of the American Dream. He writes that he is the only "colored" student in his class.

This was a common occurrence during the Jim Crow era, because African Americans had more difficulty gaining entrance into elite schools than their white peers.

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Langston Hughes himself graduated from adolescence at the height of the Harlem Renaissance, so he knows about coming of age in a changing, crazy world.

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Theme for English B by Langston Hughes