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Edward Kelsey Moore lives and writes in Chicago, where he also enjoys a career as a professional cellist. He considered them too young and green. In a matter of weeks the Supremes went from no billing on the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars show to top billing.

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Well, we'll just have to hope the firemen get to us in time. I don't think Berry chose Diana because he particularly liked her more than the other girls. Success did not come in easy for the group.

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The writer of the poem is a man and one is clearly meant to assume that the people reaching for wigs are men as well, which implies that they have started living lives that set them outside of the realm of "accepted" and "normal". Since being introduced to this poem, I have heard many different interpretations either from others in my group or from reading about it in web sites or books. Ballard began her drinking problems that ultimately led to her early demise at the age of thirty-two. We can see the tranquility of the scene in which they are. At this point, there was no distinction in terms of who is worthy to be considered as the lead singer. He considered them too young and green. On March 26, I figured it out. Peter Gronwold Related Links. I don't have a good memory for birthdays. The Supremes with "Baby Love" became the first all girl group to reach number one in England. Released in , the record went nowhere and they were soon back hanging around Motown again, doing handclaps on Marvin Gaye's early records and singing some backups for blues artist Mabel John. This songwriting team will be very much responsible for the future hits of the group. Get Essay They had ups and downs; fall outs and comebacks. On the second stanza they both start the slow and peaceful journey. Their dedication and artistic quality did not go unaccounted for.

Somewhere among my childhood memorabilia, there is a handmade collage of hundreds of photographs of Diana Ross that I clipped from magazines as an adolescent. I will explain who I think this person is and how "He" is responsible for the actions in this poem July 21 is Isaac Stern's birthday.

It shows that the style of schooling had alienated the children it was aiming to teach. We can see the tranquility of the scene in which they are. I sometimes did not concentrate well on tests because I was more focused on a Supremes song stuck in my head and my grade reflected my negligence. They had different singing styles and vocal ranges but it did not appear as an issue yet. It's only fair, since she and I have been together longest. It takes the reader out of the monotony of the first verse and shows that even in those straight rows the children were desperate for more- desperate to be more. The trio then broke music records by having a streak of four additional singles top the charts — "Baby Love" , "Come See About Me" "Stop! If asked the birthdays of my parents or my spouse, I have to pause for several seconds before coming up with a guess.

I inherited my penchant for big projects from my parents. It is not part of a concept being furthered by the lines around it or a full concept on it's own.

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