Task 1 unit 3 information systems

This is used in business where the management ask the same questions regularly.

describe the features and functions of information systems

Every year Opello servers receive more than a million page requests in 4 different languages and 5 different currencies. Quantitative Quantitative information is information that can be directly measured and can be seen as factual information rather than opinionated.

unit 3 computer systems specification

Analysis is the second half of the input process, which is when a user chooses how to read and make use of this information they have input through analysis. The person who is handling personal information must register with the DPA and obey the eight principles.

information systems assignment 1

The information is easier for them to understand and make predictions. MegaMedia should take cautions and send their newsletters on a daily basis on a reasonable schedule.

Information systems unit

The central administration is operated by the processing manger and four technicians to be able to run the system. What people are involved in feeding and updating the system, and what do they do? They are also analysing how efficient they are manufacturing and minimising wastage. The best place for MegaMedia to get the specification is from the creators of iPhone 6, which is Apple. For example organisations such as schools and colleges will have a software filter to ban their students in going on untrusted website this is to limit the viruses accessing the computer systems. What are the stages involved in the transformation of data into information and what happens at each one? The business employees store the data for a long term on to their servers. MegaMedia would need a sales team to organise their website with different categories like phones, cameras etc. There are limited internet uses for personal purpose. For example if the hard drive fails on a computer system the users will not have lost all of their documents as they can restore the back up to the system and gain all of the documents back. By deciding to choose the highest populated locations means that there are more people to try and aim the opportunities at if we were to take the roadshow to that specific location. A strategic plan is when the company decide to focus on long term plan, a tactical plan is a short term plan, and an operational plan is when the company take immediate action to help try and benefit the business. MIS needs to be accurate as the information MIS provide must be accurate as other source of information, sustainable the information must be reliable and available when the management needs the information and consistent to provide the information to the senior management, MIS needs to flow these points to be effective. Relevant Relevant information is directly related to your business needs.

If a customer requested information from MegaMedia about their purchase that they made, then they would need to show that information to them.

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Unit 3: Information Systems: Unit 3: P1, P2, P3, P4 & P5