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I feel that I am ready to enroll in a graduate program in my areas of interest Embedded System. My grandfather, an English teacher, would often take out time to condition my mind and encourage me to take the path of education.

Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and Glasgow.

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In addition, I was responsible for the successful organization of xxxxxxxx University's basketball league match for two years. And finally I am confident that the technical knowledge that I procure in the United States of America will help me in playing a constructive role in the progress of mankind.

I hope to fulfill my ambition at University of Saskatchewanwhich I consider one of the best to pursue graduate studies. On account of my deep interest in Biomedical Engineering and my devotion and industry in coursework, I performed extremely well academically.

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Key amongst these was a guitar pedal I had been neglecting. Sc culminating in a Ph. The courses were handled in an excellent manner. I have found the faculty and the research work to be quite impressive.

Why NPU? From the very basic theoretical knowledge of transistor till its real time application use i worked closely with each of the steps Industry requirements, Analog design, simulation, layout, pre-production sample, bench test, wafer level test, last minute probe test and finally production.

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Sample SOP for MS in Electrical Engineering