Slave trade depopulation of africa

Those captured were not utilized within Africa, instead shipped outside the community destroying any chance for the perpetuation of wealth.

africa before slavery

From then until the end of the 19th century, Europeans began to establish a trade for African captives. This ideology, which was also perpetuated by colonialism, is one of the most significant legacies of this period of history.

There is evidence that enslaved people from some parts of Africa were exported to states in Africa, Europe, and Asia prior to the European colonization of the Americas.

when did the slave trade end

Some Dutch, English, and French traders also participated in the slave trade. Also, the food Africa received from America cannot be attributed to the trade of slaves. In recent years the African Union, the organisation of African states, has recognised that the Diaspora, as well as Africans from the continent, must be fully represented in its discussions and decision making.

when did the atlantic slave trade end

As you can see below, the people who suffered the most from the Transatlantic Slave Trade were civilized, organised and technologically advanced peoples, long before the arrival of European slavers, trying to suggest they were backward peoples.

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