Security features of payment gateway information technology essay

This typically reduces or "Clears" the corresponding "Auth" if it has not been explicitly "Cleared. What is the Role of a Payment Gateway? A typical example of stored-value cards are gift cards.

Consider that in China, Alipay is much more popular than payment options that might be familiar to customers in the US.

First Virtual Internet Payment System. Payment gateways are integrated with on-line concerns.

secure payment gateway

International fees escalate to 3. A payment gateway as a merchant service that processes credit card payments for ecommerce sites and traditional brick and mortar stores. The payment gateway receives the response, and forwards it onto the website, or whatever interface was used to process the payment, where it is interpreted as a relevant response, then relayed back to the merchant and cardholder.

It prevents the reading sensitive informations at the point of entry by utilizing the industry standard encoding. For example, PayPal has an annual payment volume of over half a trillion dollars. E-check — A digital version of an old paper check.

Want to know more about online payment processing? United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Still, one of the most popular payment methods are credit and debit card payments, but people also choose some alternatives or local payment methods.

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Security Features Of Payment Gateway Information Technology Essay