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Daniels clients are forced to trust her. About Samantha My clients feel comfortable joining Samantha's Table because they know me and fully appreciate my commitment to introducing them to the people they want to meet.

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Best in business. Lots of hobnobbing. She set up her friends while studying at the University of Pennsylvania and in law school at Temple.

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A top high-end Professional Matchmaker. I travel extensively, I have lived abroad, I take advantage of many of Manhattan and Los Angeles's cultural offerings, and I involve myself in various charity committees. Daniels clients are forced to trust her. A first date is cocktails, and the man pays. She says she recently flew to St. One mistake Daniels no longer makes: throwing dinner parties. Her marketing strategy? She began to promote parties in the evenings as a way to help her young single friends find dates. Over successful marriages. Ironic, then, that in she moved to New York to take a six-figure salary working as a divorce attorney. The man brings photos of his ex-girlfriends and his homes, plus financial records about his businesses.

She made up her first match at age 13, setting up her brother with his first girlfriend at summer camp. In addition, unlike many other services, I personally meet and get to know each and every client which enables me to introduce people in a strategic way.

People tend to feel comfortable entrusting their social life to me because I understand, from personal experience, who and what they are looking for and they believe in the caliber of my clientele.

A first date is cocktails, and the man pays. And, I love love, obviously, since I have been in this business for a very long time! She says she recently flew to St.

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Samantha Daniels