Safety versus freedom

In Russia, if you even thought about committing a crime you were killed.

Freedom vs safety essay

In society today, people demand both freedom and safety. Smokers can't even smoke outside. Why bother spending tax money to put these people in jail? We can't smoke a joint in the privacy of our own homes. Yes, it might happen. Sure you can have the freedom to smoke marijuana say the Democrats, but the Republicans answer that it erodes the moral fabric of society and makes us less safe on the roads. But we are heading in that direction. If the government want's your house, all they have to do is establish probable cause that your house was involved in a crime to institute a civil forfeiture proceeding. Think of safety and freedom as poles on a spectrum. They lose the people like you and me who are stuck in the middle trying to figure out where we belong.

We now have law regulating everything. If the government doesn't like it they can shove it up their ass. Trump and Secretary Clinton use the Constitution when it is convenient in order to increase their power and they find ways to subvert it when it does not.

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I am a motherfucking asshole and I am comfortable with who I am. Even if it's for our own good? But both sides are wrong because Hobbes was wrong. Why bother spending tax money to put these people in jail? If you spank your kids, you go to jail. You can go to jail for what other people do or fail to do. On the other end is society under an authoritarian state, where the government exerts unchecked power over its subjects, preventing them from doing anything it deems disruptive to the public order. That's my choice. If the police attack you, they charge you with a crime.

Should they be allowed to force me to wear a seatbelt? The topic of freedom and safety has been constantly debated. Just as the government has a duty to serve us, we as a people have a duty to defend our freedom and to understand and appreciate the rewards of being a free and open society.

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Freedom and safety are relative to each other, usually tipping back and forth like a seesaw. Safety is equally significant, but often manipulated. We have to maintain it and defend it. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. The framers of our Constitution were very keyed in on this ideological dichotomy. I don't think so. I think we must err on the side of freedom. Some people have belief that freedom is the only thing that matters and that freedom should be the prioritized factor across the nation. That's my choice. Get used to it.

Our rights are ours. You have the freedom to destroy your life.

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While more and more Americans demand freedom to do things as they please, they want the feeling of protection and safety. That's my choice.

why is liberty more important than security

If I choose to live a lifestyle that will result in my burning in Hell forever, then that's my choice. But this is America where you have the freedom to be an idiot if that's what you choose to do.

Safety versus freedom

So we fry a few innocent people. Safety in our everyday lives did not become prompted until people have taken drastic measures to ensure their freedom.

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Safety Versus Freedom