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Abstract Purpose This paper reports on some of the findings of a literature review commissioned to explore integrated care for older people.

Background of the study about senior citizens

Northern Ireland: Department of Health; After the retirement, the said cash could be used at the age of 62 for health needs. This contributed to a situation where insufficient team working occurred and problems arose at the interface between hospital and community such as delays in getting people admitted to hospital services and being discharged from hospital. One outcome of this situation has been the development of a raft of mezzo and micro strategies that aim to integrate the systems, services and the operational processes within care organizations. The retirement burden on American workers is not expected to be any greater in than it already is today in Germany or Italy. Hudson B. In Canada, for example, legislators were able several years ago to impose a means test on the basic pension through the income tax system, reducing benefits for higher-income Australia, too, has cut back its basic benefit, through with a twist.

A comparison of old age psychiatry services in England and Northern Ireland. It makes for a sad spectacle indeed that we enjoy the rare advantage of being able to see the future with clarity yet are willing to act. Cost effectiveness of an innovative four year post discharge programme for elderly patients—prospective follow up of hospital and nursing home use in project elderly and randomised controls.

The study was commissioned by a group of service providers from health and social care in the same locality, who were beginning to work together in an integrated way to provide care for older people, a field beset by the historical divisions in the UK between health and social care, and between care and services, such as housing and transport.

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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series CCIS, volume Abstract The objective of this paper is to analyze the available literature on health information literacy of senior citizens from around the world and outline the major findings from this literature. Crabb, R.

Front page stories about corporate pension plans that go belly up or are cut back, at the same time that retiree health-benefit programs are curtailed, add to the general anxiety.

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Health Information Literacy of Senior Citizens