Racial profiling within americas criminal justice system essay

The enormous increase in the use of jails and prisons has taken place without persuasive evidence indicating that incarcerative strategies are the only, or even the most effective, approach to controlling crime The Sentencing Project, The overwhelming majority of victims of police brutality, unlawful shootings and deaths in custody are members of racial minorities.

African Americans and other minorities suffer disproportionate rates of incarceration, accounting for 60 percent of the 1.

Racial profiling persuasive essay

We see racial profiling and discrimination portrayed in various forms throughout our daily lives. Essay Topic: Crime , Prison Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! It is the act of the authority, mostly, police officers linking minority status to criminal behaviour Glover, All of these feelings culminate into the debate pertaining to the use of racial profiling. After defining the all terms, I will apply these terms to the criminal justice system using examples to illustrate the understanding of the definitions. The disproportionate imprisonment of African Americans that ensued resulted from the link between perceptions of race and crime, and the subconscious desire to maintain the American economic social structure, which places blacks at the bottom and whites at the top. The majority of the people in this country have never experienced racial profiling so how could it possibly be a real issue. Racial profiling typically deals with incarceration, miss education, and to certain extent slavery.

In other words, society chose to use incarceration as a welfare program to deal with the poor, especially since the underprivileged are disproportionately people of color.

It is unconstitutional and leads to impactful consequences such as deaths, fear, and loss of trust in police officers, demoralization, and dehumanization of stigmatized groups of people. Many of those charged with drug crimes saw longer prison sentences with less judicial leniency when facing trial.

Most Caucasians, however, will probably never understand the predicament in which most Black find themselves.

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The way to clear up racism in our criminal justice system is simple and easy. Experts and analysts have contributed the racial disparity to factors such as higher crime rates among African Americans, inequitable access to resources, legislative resources, and overt racial bias.

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Racial Profiling Essay