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The drug—drug interactions were found more when more drugs were prescribed to the elderly patients.

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Keywords: polypharmacy, longitudinal, demography, older people Strengths and limitations of this study This cross-sectional study uses medication data, from over older individuals, to identify factors which are associated with polypharmacy prevalence in primary care.

In evaluating SRS, unadjusted confounding factors should be considered. A number of prescribing indicators that assess medication appropriateness are considered to have face validity [ 11 ], and may have value in improving quality and reducing adverse outcomes [ 12 ].

We demonstrated that polypharmacy might be more closely associated with an increased risk of renal disorder than hepatic disorder because the adjusted RORs in renal disorder were higher for those who were on polypharmacy than for those who were not.

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Panel members were not involved in the systematic review itself. Few studies have examined the relationship between the number of administered drugs and AE in the context of age-group stratification.

Methods Firstly, we conducted a systematic review to identify generic not drug specific prescribing indicators relevant to polypharmacy appropriateness.

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Polypharmacy in Older Adults