Poem me and my friend

funny best friend poems

You keep me snug, safe and warm. On this Valentine's Day, give her a heart full of peace, serenity and happiness. By Joanna Fuchs Friend Valentine poems should describe the good qualities of the friend.

Three years later people still get us mixed up as sisters. I never understood why, but I just felt sorry for her that she can't help that she can only feel good about herself hurting others.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs This friend poem describes the comfort of knowing someone who's always got your back. As you are mine, and I am yours.

Purpose, on the other hand, reminds you that your art connects you to something greater. We have been sad together, We have wept, with bitter tears, O'er the grass-grown graves, where slumber'd The hopes of early years.

What is Christianity? Her name was Jolee. She and I did everything together. She spewed fire when me and Emna started to be best buddies and doing everything together.

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Friendship Poems