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So how do you choose? Asian Journal of Social cross-category analysis of category structure and Science and Humanities, 2 3 The markets. There are both online and the traditional shopping, which is a recent phenomenon in the Indian brick and mortar shops available to fulfill their purchase context has gathered steam in the last few years backed interests.

They explore whether the complementarity is generated through the provision of information about the fit and feel of the products. East, Robert. Whereas in case of an time consuming and physically demanding.

Journal of Advertising Research, This trend might remind some of similar past trends, such as those in the news industry when it seemed online might be their future.

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This allows less room for error when it comes to your initial financial investment. The major difference between online and offline The five stage consumer decision making model is shopping regarding this particular stage is the search shown Figure 1. However, academic research has found little support for this claim. And while we may think that it matters little for most of us, for people living in rural areas, small towns, or seeking products not available near their locations, this might become their preferred method of shopping. Items that are high on hedonic Figure 1 value are likely to be subject to want preferences. Management and Administrative Multi-channel consumer behavior: Online and Sciences Review, 2 4 , International [6]. The authors emphasize informative, rather than persuasive, marketing communications.

However, in a Some of the key differences between the two medium of developing country like India, majority of people still shopping are the means of gathering product depend on the brick and mortar stores to make purchases informations, perceived risk and the ability of consumers in different categories.

Marketing Res.

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Iranmanesh, A. When attributes such as personal service and Isabel P. Findings from this study suggest that when viewed as retail channels, online and offline are likely substitutes; however, the complementarities between online and offline channels are created through informative marketing communications generated by the mere presence of offline stores.

But many will fall under this category.

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Despite the rapid growth in online sales in always hand an advantage to the offline stores against India and the projection of further uptick in this medium their online counterparts. Levin, Irwin P. Even for an eCommerce retailer, having a physical store is a brilliant way to express a vision for your brand, sell an experience to your customers and reach new markets. However, academic research has found little support for this claim. As an eCommerce retailer, you could open a pop-up shop or get involved with local markets. So different approaches will be needed and companies will need smart strategic decisions going forward. Items that are high on hedonic Figure 1 value are likely to be subject to want preferences.
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85% of Consumers Prefer to Shop at Physical Stores vs. Online