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We see Sarty, the young man, develop into an adult while dealing with the many crude actions and ways of Abner, his father. Anderson is the younger boss with only a little experience, and Mr. This story was first published in June of in Harper's Magazine and later awarded the 0.

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Morality - Barn Burning: Family vs. Her dad put a stop to the mistreatment by having her and her sister watched by their Uncle Ed. This technique was expressed during many scenes in order to set the tone such as when the characters were speaking and the mood music of gospel singing being used.

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Advances in technology has led to more fossil fuels having to be burned to sustain energy production. In the movie, many scenes present the reminder of segregation and racial discrimination as seen in the s. What made them so interesting to me was the way that Falkner makes use of the main characters in the stories. Her dad put a stop to the mistreatment by having her and her sister watched by their Uncle Ed. The "nigger" that could place the blame on Abner was not to be found The director structured it like a mystery thriller to make it more entertaining for the view, but basing it on a true story gave the film some substance and background which the viewer was able to relate to. Sarty becomes well aware of his decisions and realizes how they can impact his family It also tells how unfair the white men were to the blacks, inside and outside of the courtroom As a last resort, Ward does things Andersons way and as a result, information is received from the Deputys wife, which leads to the bodies being recovered and the men involved, charged with violating civil rights. If anything happens the police see nothing, and then no one talks about it. Her life is split into four different parts: childhood, high school, college, and the movement. Something has to be done to change this trend.

Faulkner was known as a writer who could properly convey many different elements of literature, such as symbolism, conflict, tone, and many other elements of plot within his stories These building blocks were absent in Abner and Sarty Snopes relationship. William Dafoe portrayed Ward convincingly through his attire, where he was formally dressed at all times and the use of glasses to depict a compliant attitude.

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Was it just about a bitter man's spitefulness toward Colonel de Spain as a result of his jealousy of the colonel's status.

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