List some of the commonly found perceptual biases

perceptual biases in management

Humor effect That humorous items are more easily remembered than non-humorous ones, which might be explained by the distinctiveness of humor, the increased cognitive processing time to understand the humor, or the emotional arousal caused by the humor. Bring about real inclusion in your organisation, building a platform from which to support your Diversity Recruiting efforts.

Illusion of transparency — people overestimate others' ability to know them, and they also overestimate their ability to know others. Well, simply put, bias is an inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group.

By acknowledging the different types of unconscious bias we can start to address them.

perceptual bias theory

Neglect of probability — the tendency to completely disregard probability when making a decision under uncertainty. Actor-observer bias — the tendency for explanations for other individual's behaviors to overemphasize the influence of their personality and underemphasize the influence of their situation.

Reminiscence bump — the effect that people tend to recall more personal events from adolescence and early adulthood than from other lifetime periods.

perceptual biases in decision making
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List of cognitive biases