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20 things i hate about myself

I will leave you with an excerpt of this article that I really enjoyed written by Alex Lickerman M. I do take proper care of my time and try not to waste my time. Sometimes, I sing and dance also. In order to show love to others, you must first love yourself. My elder brother studies in university. When bad things happen, we blame ourselves. As you can see, it is exhausting to live inside of my head because it seems that I would only be good enough for myself if I could do the things of five people at the same time. Not only I do my homework timely but also I assist my other class friends in their school works. We go to museum and national park. In vacation, we also go to visit our village. We can all use a group of people cheering us on and supporting us through good and bad times.

I go to school with my sister. I think that man should continuously try. Illness sometimes strikes, preventing us from running as fast, concentrating as hard, or thinking as clearly as we once did.

What quality do you like most about yourself and why

I understand the importance of a free state. Can You Relate To Caroline? All the essential humane qualities like sincerity, dedication, truth and honesty I do experience practically at my home. All the humans have some drawbacks. I also do drawing as well. Honesty, dedication, sincerity and humbleness are the virtues one learns during his childhood life with family, friends and at his school. Many people came to enjoy rainy day with picnic. My father is a renowned doctor who knows how to love his profession with passion and dedication. I am thankful to my parents, friends and school teachers for standing beside me in every step of life. I love to wear a simple dress and do not want to spend unnecessary money. I enjoy playing with them. Life is a great gift. My school is very beautiful. My father is a government employee, and my other is a school teacher. My father strongly believes that such person are like snakes who are ready to bite you behind your back.

We must awaken to the essential goodness—to what in Nichiren Buddhism is termed our "larger self"—that lies within us all.

I am very punctual and I always do my homework correctly. Hard work, time management, sincerity with work and dedication to purpose have been ingrained in our nature.

like and dislike

I also have many friends. As my father is a doctor, he has a hectic schedule, but he manages his time for family.

things i like about myself

I have learned throughout all the years of my life, the good value of time and discipline. A fat figure that most Western will make fun of.

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Essay// On Liking Myself