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Diya Adeena can offer coupons, rebates or premium for those who purchase and became their member.

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Square scarf with beads is the product in their square scarves line. Building customer relationship According to Kotler and Armstrong marketing is the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong relationships in order to capture value from customers in return.

Warranties If there are any defects found, customers can return the product. For online purchase, the hijabs ordered will be wrap in plastic before be posted.

They use materials that are personally picked by Diya Adeena Team to make their product differ from other competitors. They consider the price of the materials, rental fees, overhead cost and fixed cost and also getting along way with market price and current price. It is to encourage customers to make repurchase and it is easier for them to search social site of Diya Adeena to keep updating with their new products. Radiusite shah alam phone number Radiusite shah alam phone number Dec 29, Saturday, December 29, Since the pricing strategy is based on competitors price the demand and the management could ignore cost. For any inquiries, customers can reach them through Whatsapp Handling customer service In handling customer service, Diya Adeena team try their best to provide fair solution to any problems that they encounter as soon as they receive any complaints from customers. The main reason for Diya Adeena Boutique in choosing the location is because it is near to shop lots, housing areas and schools. They offer video means use all their product online, this present aids to get the customers for them to be more understand and if that they don't, they will ask the through the review. The long and wide shawl measurement is enough to cover the back and chest of a woman even plus size women can don it and still able to appear modestly. For Diya Adeena, to achieve sales maximization is their priority.

This will boost consumer confidence in the product. It is because when the sales increase, which means that Diya Adeena product have been published to all the consumers mind.

The materials used are very comfy to wear for long hours. For example, IKEA has gained market share in the furniture industry by aggressively cutting prices.

Suggestions These suggestions made in accordance to the weaknesses that the company faces. These method are working well for Diya Adeena Boutique.

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They also used persuasion promotion as they write the caption themselves to persuade customers to choose the as their one stop muslimah shopping centre. A business product is used to produce other goods or services, to facilitate an organizations operations, or to resell to other customers.

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