How to write a word problem for 7 groups of 3

Scroll down the page for examples and solutions. How many books will Hannah have in her collection after her donation?

multiplication word problems 5th grade

Let me see if I can copy and paste this. So you could say you have 6 carrots 12 times. Have the student write word problems that provide context for given multiplication problems. Lets do one more of these. He plants 12 rows of carrots. Or we can even write this as 4 times 5 over 1.

So it's going to be 12 times 6. How large is her dining room? Well, if z students together are donatingeach student is going to donate divided by z.

How many dogs got bones? The student facing the camera is at Level IV. She worked for X hours this week. He bought two tomatoes.

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Dividing whole numbers by fractions: word problem (video)