How to write a stock market report

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The book value of a company is its net worth or common equity. This puts every single company in the market on a comparable footing, allowing a like for like comparison across forecast valuation, growth and dividend variables. No detail is too small in this section; it can also cover efficiency ratios like the primary components in the cash conversion cycle , turnover ratios , and a detailed breakdown of return on equity components, such as the DuPont identity , which will break ROE into three to five different metrics. In the case of Microsoft Corp. Benchmarks are subsequently established from the previous performance of a sector or industry and are used by investor to determine their investment decisions. It is a good shorthand for deeper financial analysis and the popover on click gives a breakdown of how the score is compiled, quickly highlighting red flag areas. The dividend , a distribution of company earnings to shareholders, represents the amount paid out per share. Due to the fact that many broking firms also provide corporate finance services to their clients, it has been shown that brokers are reluctant to put out 'sell' recommendations. The big institutional funds cannot trade in and out of a stock without leaving their footprints, and learning to read the signs in daily and weekly volume is important. Piotroski showed that stocks scoring 8 or 9 significantly outperformed stocks scoring 1 or 2. Being able to analyze this pricing and trend data allows traders and investors to make better informed trading decisions. This shows how the current year forecast has changed over the last 18 months.

Stock market reports may also give potential investors valuable information regarding investments made in a particular industry, such as the motor vehicle industry or the financial sector.

Other derivative securities, such as futures and options, will also depend on an underlying investment, be it a commodity or a company. Using the rear-view mirror of last year's earnings, we publish four key ratios for value investors.

It is what is left over when everything that is owed to creditors and lenders is paid off.

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One company reporting earnings next week could be on the same forecast PE Ratio as a company reporting earnings in 11 months time. These factors can prove invaluable in helping to explain why a company might be a profitable investment or not.

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We have provided references for further reading below. Stock prices are subsequently determined by changes in supply and demand. The third and last technique is to look at book value and try to estimate what a company might be worth if broken up or liquidated. The Bottom Line The performance of the underlying company is most certainly to drive the performance of its stock or bonds in the future. Valuation The most important part of any financial analysis is to come to an independent value for the stock and compare this to the market price. Help us improve this page Volume trend. Using the rear-view mirror of last year's earnings, we publish four key ratios for value investors. Sections covering corporate governance , the political environment or nearer-term news flow, might be worthy of a fuller analysis.

Relative strength. And that's always been my philosophy. Last price, best bid, best offer, trading volume and the day's high and low prices are among the price data included in most basic stock quotes.

How to write a stock market report

All the following ratios are accompanies by a pair of 'traffic light' indicators showing in colour how each ratio compares against the company's industry peer group and the market as a whole. Does the company have a chequered history, or is it a cash machine with year after year of strong returns? You can watch a video introduction to the Stock Reports here. Feel free to give us any feedback on the reports. One of the key contributing factors to stock price appreciation is the forecast rate of earnings growth. Net Current Assets - also known as the working capital of the company. You can read up in detail about the StockRanks here. The PE Ratio and Dividend Yield Range charts are useful tools to put the current valuation into a historical perspective. In a simple writing style, the successful hedge fund investor showed how picking 'good' stocks at 'cheap' prices was enormously profitable. A lot of thought has gone into the make up of the Stock Reports, and the reasoning is explained here. Financial Health The Financial Health trend meter is based on the Piotroski F-Score, a 9 point scoring system that analyses the trend in a company's accounts across a set of tests that cover profitability, leverage, liquidity, sources of funds and efficiency.

Only when buyers and sellers agree on a price is an order executed. Research analysts are no exception, and studies by GMO has shown that their forecasts tend to lag reality.

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