How to use mentor texts to teach writing as a process

But for many students, the experience of reading to learn about writing is new and very different from what they have done in the past. This was followed by a shared writing of sentences or paragraphs using techniques identified in the mentor texts.

The kids were all incredibly engaged. It can teach about the craft of writing and show student-writers how certain craft moves work. And then I sent the kids off to work. Start off with questions that deal with the content.

mentor texts for writing

Once one session is filled up, students need to pick another session. Rather than leaving them to learn from the text on their own, point to the sentences that you want them to notice.

8 tips for teaching with mentor texts

Using mentor texts to teach writing in science and social studies. So I began, as I always do, by explaining the work we would be doing, explaining the brilliance that I saw in their work that they had just finished, and then acknowledging that what we were about to do would be tough work, but work that would push them so far as writers.

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Books that Teach About the Writing Process