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Used correctly, however, LinkedIn can have immense benefits to you as a student. Before you finish, however, there are a few more sections you should consider filling out if they apply to you. What you write depends on the nature of the outreach, your connection request is limited to characters. Why fill out most of the other sections except for this one? For example, if most professionals in your industry are writing in first person instead of third, you may want to consider doing that as well. Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero — as my Latin teacher would say — Harvest the day, give trust to the future as little as possible. Don't forget to smile! PowerPoint presentations — a smart sequence of images and facts can perfectly showcase your achievements. To help your LinkedIn profile rise to the top when someone searches for your name, we recommend claiming the unique URL if you can. And think broadly about your 'experience. Depending on the size of your school, there may also be a group for your major.

Show it off you can include a URL and also add ongoing projects. The introduction of LinkedIn, however, has changed the game a little bit. Get practical and proven advice along with daily activities to help you differentiate as the winning candidate. Of all the sections of your LinkedIn profile, the summary is the most intimidating.

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Nothing inappropriate. Once you have that basic info filled out, you should write a description of the job. Three Categories I spent a good chunk of last week browsing and analyzing students and recent grads on LinkedIn and paid close attention to what they were doing with their LinkedIn summary section.

Resumes are still an essential part of the modern job application landscape, like it or not.

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Odds are, however, you have something you can add here. Besides being searchable by employers, you can also be endorsed for skills by your connections. Alumni who are far more senior in their careers or even own their own companies.

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Stating this right of the bat may help Recruiters match you to a position that they are hiring for. This way, your contact information will be prominent and easy to access. Most word processing programs will catch it, but sometimes one will slip through the cracks. Specialties Are Redundant From — every LinkedIn summary had a dedicated specialties section at the bottom of the summary statement. Are you open to connecting and a brief conversation? Luckily, this is an easy issue to avoid. LinkedIn is a gateway that you can use to connect with Recruiters and Hiring Managers, find new opportunities, discover more about the career-paths of successful people in your industry, and develop your network. Twitter For more insider tips on unleashing the full power of LinkedIn for your job search, check out an awesome online course at www. After that, you can add further details as necessary. Young adults on the cusp of their professional lives really ought to be thinking about marketing themselves sooner rather than later. Succinctly describe who you are. Of course, if you have done something really impressive such as intern at a high profile company or start your own business, put that in your Experience section by all means. Let the world know!

You know, the social network you thought was just for your dad. You can include those videos to make your profile more impressive. Everything to gain, nothing to lose.

Remember the concept of network effect from Econ class?

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How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Summary