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Specifically, little girls are expected to grow up becoming perfect feminine beauties created to bare children and care for their homes and husbands. But the Barbie that said the most to me was the President Barbie. However, Mrs. The story is narrated by one of the two young girls who are the main characters. This taught children from a very young age that having a boyfriend, a career, a house and a petite body is very important She shared her idea of a woman doll for children with her husband and the all-male executive team at Mattel, but they refused saying that it would be too expensive to produce and would have little appeal to the American pu In Barbie Doll poem by Marge Piercy it is portrayed a young girl who was attacked by society because of having unruly features on her appearance and body. She wore a tiny black and white stripped bathing suit with a pair of sunglasses sitting upon her head on top of her blonde colored hair. Beginning at a young age girls are influenced by this doll, what they should look like, and what their life should be like.

This is the time that she becomes self conscious of her body, even though she seems to have many positive qualities Barbie has been the toy of choice for girls everywhere since her debut fifty years ago, representing the ideal girl with a perfect life to match that can not be achieved.

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The central message of this work is that society is obsessed with appearances By using television, magazines, posters, slogans, and even toys women are given an image that they have to conform to in order to be beautiful. And this is a very important message, and it is a message that Barbie sends to people every day, all over the world In some way everyone has it set in his or her mind what makes a person "perfect".

Since barbie came out in she has been rolling through the years, acquiring fashions and looks from each decade she lives in.

Essay on barbie doll

Mattel is ranked Fifth most socially responsible company in United States. They put on fresh makeup, change their fashionable clothing, and style there long luscious hair

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