Custom writing necklace

How to care for gold filled: Avoid sweat and water. Upload the image when you order or send it to Tiny Zen by email at tinyzenmemory gmail. We use slices of rough stones, none are identical and each one has its charm.

handwriting bar necklace

The quality of Vermeil jewelry is much higher than usual gold plating jewelry. According to the proportions of these so-called "alloy" metals, the color of gold can be varied!

Stamped and certified jewels.

custom writing necklace

For these reasons and as each creation is personalized, it can vary from the presented photo. Simply take a photo of your writing or drawing on your mobile device - please make sure the image is clear, bright, and easy to read. Upload the image when you place your order. Do you want to know more?

Gold Plating Sterling Silver Silver Our gold plating jewelry is thicker than most fashion jewelry. It is a great choice of precious metals and hypoallergenic. Before exercising or showering, please remove your jewelry. For your creation, we will select a gradient stone from green to red for the Dark Tourmaline, blue to pink for the Tourmaline Light.

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