Costs and benefits of globalisation on indias economy

Parameters of globalization

Technology has also influenced many firms to give their workers more freedom in workplace. Friedman first described the world's economy as being macroscopic. Globalisation makes faster diffusion of new ideas and advanced technologies in the world. Surge in Compensation: After the outburst of globalization, the compensation levels have stayed higher. In addition, the wider market increases the incentives for investing in new innovations as the potential return on investment in them will increase. Crops like rice and wheat are often harvested in large quantities. Benefit 3 Globalisation and Transfer of Technology: Another benefit flowing from globalisation of the Indian economy is that it acts as a mechanism for the transfer of technology from the developed countries. Therefore, a number of cities are experiencing better standards of living together with business development. This, in turn, has had a tremendous impact on the life of the single woman in India. However, while globalisation processes are encouraging the development of advanced industries in both countries, questions arise as to differences in the socioeconomic impact of these processes. Export growth statistics in recent years have been very impressive. With sufficient foreign exchange reserves, balance of payments constraint on accelerating the growth process will be removed. Benefit 4 Increased Market Access: An important benefit of globalisation is increased market access. Technology has influenced more women to pursue advanced degrees in computer science and engineering instead of their traditional degrees in social sciences and the humanities. In, Indian remittances totaled 2.

Besides the example of EKO, many other young entrepreneurs were also born as a result of globalization. This involves examination and analysis of changes in employment structures, unemployment rates and poverty rates in India and Israel in the s. However, only later did the changes in Israel's economic, social, and political structure become evident.

Benefits of liberalisation

For instance, growth in the agricultural sector dropped from 3. This has decreased the gap between men and women which was created by stratified gender roles. Fifty years ago, countries such as India did not have a say in the global market and trade. The technological up-gradation of the Indian industries will lead to higher productivity and help us to achieve a higher rate of industrial growth. Utility of Economics to Society Humans have moved into a phase where everything is accessible without any difficulty. He was the front man who framed the economic liberalization proposal. Free trade accompanying globalisation widens the markets for products of industries. As part of these reforms, government regulation processes were modified and focused on supervision of the quality and safety of the final products that arrived on the local markets, with attempted control of product prices significantly reduced. What are some of the main benefits and costs from globalisation?

The Communist Bloc fell apart and, as a result, relations between the United States and the former Soviet Union thawed and suitable conditions for cooperation emerged, which enhanced globalisation. Last, the over-investment in technology made it cheaper by creating a global fiber networkwhich made it easier and faster to transmit data 5.

The economies of countries similar to India are now blooming as the world is flattening and shrinking due to globalization. Macroeconomic Instability: A decade or more of strong growth, low interest rates, easy credit in developed countries created a boom in share prices and property valuations.

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These foreign firms need a wide variety of human labor, ranging from manufacturing jobs to high technology positions. This has ultimately resulted in modification of the management structure.

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Benefits of globalisation to India