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Part of the brain is used to recognizing, reasoning, knowing and understanding.

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At three months, they will cry loudly when they want something. Talents in art may become more apparent. Hormonal changes bring out moodiness and outbursts. And she is just getting started. Enjoy company of friends. But this not the whole picture, there are individuals who have defied this fate and have emerged as phoenix from these ashes of slum and have risen to great heights.

Will experience mood swings.

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He throws them out of the house but his grandmother shelters Chandni. Truly a remarkable story. Plot[ edit ] The show is the story of two childhood friends Dev and Chandni, set in Allahabad. GSM allows you to use your large muscles such as walking, running, climbing etc. At the age of three months, a baby can hold a rattle of a short while before dropping it. She went on a flashback and remembered the horrors of that one day she was in prison. This time around, she has been given the crucial Ministry of Women and Child Development too. What a truly remarkable lady. Moral and Behavioral Development If exposed to swearing, children are likely to copy. They will show distress when their mother or father leaves, they do this by crying. Irani is a stepmother to Shanelle, Zubin's daughter his previous marriage. Intellectual Development Babies will respond to noise by moving their limbs They will be able to recognize their primary careers, and respond to them by a combination of excited movements, coos and smiles.
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Smriti Irani is Women and Child Development Minister: 7 things you need to know