Ch9 cost planning

Set objectives- Objectives are set such as increasing sales or awareness and communicating an idea. Since some costs, like depreciation, do not involve cash payments in the current period, these costs must be subtracted from the total overhead costs to determine the appropriate amount.

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The information needed to develop an equation for collections is provided by the finance department and is normally based on past experience.

The information system needs to reveal the company's problems and constraints in a timely manner and at a disaggregated level so that empowered users can identify how to correct problems, remove constraints and improve the process. It also helps insure that manufacturing is planning to produce the same mix of products that marketing is planning to sell.

Develop the creative strategy- The creative strategy is how a company positions its brand or product in advertising.

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Therefore it can be used as a stand alone method, or as a way to check the accuracy of your calculations in 7a and b. Thus, Equations 4a and 4b may include several calculations. Lastly, planning for action happens where an activity schedule is created, and evaluation procedures are put into place.

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Budget performance reports are prepared to compare actual results with budgeted figures. Specifically marketers find the main advertising communication, target audience, and time frame. It is the management's responsibility to investigate variances, determine their cause, and suggest improvements.

Difficulties arise when expenses are apportioned among departments. The difference is the planned production volume variance.

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