Business process improvement methodology a case study

The gist of the software is that it helps you create digital processes. Different colour post-it notes were used to capture issues and bottlenecks, and suggestions for improvement. Now, you can figure out how to deal with it. You can use the 5 Whys analysis for all sorts of problem-solving — it can even come in hand in your personal life.

It shows the sequence of activities, flow of information, decision points and the range of possible process outcomes. The map does not claim to be complete and is very much of its time hence the reference to the dot.

improving business processes harvard pdf

They are usually presented in the form of a flow diagram. This is, as a given, not something you do just once or twice. Different roles have a different balance, some typical distinctions are shown below: Creative Commons attribution information Responsibility, Authority, Expertise and Work diagram To undertake RAEW analysis you must first have mapped the process in some way.

You will probably sketch out your process maps on paper or a white board initially but most software packages with graphics functionality support the use of standard UML symbols.

improving business processes harvard pdf

The elements involved in the transformation part of this process can vary in the degree of detail and complexity. This is done by eliminating 7 types of company waste also known as 7 Deadly Wastes.

It can be a useful tool to compare the differences before and after process review. Create the baseline process map using your favorite tool.

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Process Improvement: A Case Study