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I loved it, it is one of those books you can read again and again. However, Felix saved her and she stayed with him. If your child is particularly sensitive, read it with them.

It's not the starvation and depletion of souls. But when the Nazis do come to the orphanage and they do burn books, Felix knows he has to do something. His parents are booksellers, you see. Then there were the subsequent books - Then and Now It's gentle, and humane, and ordinary, Once, even though its subject is the violent, the inhumane, and the twisted. A crushing book. But then, the Nazis come. Just, why. Once was like this but also had comical and happy moments mixed in. There is plenty of page-turning action and even though it is very moving it is also funny at times. It's disgraceful how much she had been through just at that age, and many other real people too. This something adult can attest that they have as much to offer the grown-up as they do child, in some ways, perhaps, even more. Anyway, that lovely line was in this book too, BUT not as much and I actually started really connecting with Zelda too, especially when she became a different person - Violetta I really like that name actually.

It's not the open massacre of children. I think I preferred this book to the first and definitely enjoyed it more because of this.

Book report once n then

Outside he sees the awful truth and tells himself stories in his head to try and cope with it all. I said in my review for Once that Zelda annoyed me. I picked it up. There are touches of humour amongst the pathos, as the author writes with the imagination of a child who has a gift for storytelling, and the effect is powerful. Once again, Gleitzman has started each chapter with the name of the book and ended it the same way - which is so original. There's little more to be said about it. Felix is ten and has spent most of the past four years in a catholic orphanage in the mountains of Poland. I love history and this I think I would have to go and get! They are two runaway kids in the middle of Nazi-occupied Poland who would shoot them straight away, no questions asked.

You never expect anything that happens. But what is most precious is the innocence of this young lad let's call him William, but I am whispering to you with fear in my heart that his real name is Felix - the wide-eyed purity of belief that his parents will be back for him.

But when the Nazis do come to the orphanage and they do burn books, Felix knows he has to do something. Then there was Once. How - in all of heaven and earth - my young daughter's year 4 teacher held herself together long enough to read this book to her class, I will never, in all my born days understand - because I'm a blubbering fool right now just writing this review. I think it's better if you did though, you have a total understanding of the pain and suffering they went through, and the back story of how they met one another. I wept like a destitute waif, but I got through it and I have never been more glad of any book read in my life. This book is very different to Once. You'll see the Amazon link above takes you to a volume in which Once and its sequel Then are published together.

And that laughter is desperately needed as a catharsis, because of course, Felix gets a great deal wrong.

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Once & Then by Morris Gleitzman