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Now that that is done, allow me to begin my tables of sin. There are 13 virtues according to good ol' Ben Frank, as he enumerates in his autobiography I'd link it, but it is not a fun read. There is not much dividing myself and them. ByFranklin had entered the most fulfilling period of his life so far.

Still not pregnant with the child of God. Did it render the boy too sick to be inoculated? Then he had his own romantic calamity: He learned that a young woman of his acquaintance was pregnant with his child. I have my period. A doctor used a scalpel and a quill to take fluid from smallpox vesicles on the skin of a person in the throes of the disease.

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I wasted time reading articles about feminism on Facebook, instead of reading all of the materials I should have for classes. Even if you disagree.

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He was a very influential figure. Franklin grew up to be a great man who would help greatly in the creation of our nation. I find him being finicky about his women preferring older to younger women being almost discriminatory towards younger women in general, but not actually a women hater.

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Ben Franklin and All of His Women