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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus London: Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mayor and Jones, ; all further references to Frankenstein, unless otherwise noted, will be to the only modern reprint of the first edition, edited by James Rieger New York: Bobbs-Merrill, ; reprinted, Chicago: University of Chicago Press,and will be cited by page number only in the text.

While Alphonse Frankenstein initially followed Godwin 's pedagogical precepts -- he inspired his children to learn in a noncompetitive atmosphere by encouraging their voluntary desire to please others and by giving them practical goals one learns a foreign language in order to read the interesting books in that tongue -- he failed to monitor sufficiently closely the books that Victor Frankenstein actual[ly] read.

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Frankenstein's lack of imaginative identification with his creation, his lack of what Keats would have called "negative capability," causes him to make a critical mistake. Also around this time, he encourages a friend of his called Hogg to join the menage. It turned out that Shelley was into free love, so you know where this story is going.

NEAL B. From Plutarch 's Lives of the Noble Romans he learns the nature of heroism and public virtue and civic justice; from Volney 's Ruins, or A Survey of the Revolutions of Empires he learns the contrasting nature of political corruption and the causes of the decline of civilizations; from Milton 's Paradise Lost he learns the origins of human good and evil and the roles of the sexes; and from Goethe 's Werther he learns the range of human emotions, from domestic love to suicidal despair, as well as the rhetoric in which to articulate not only ideas but feelings. This was for reasons too predictable to repeat here. Frankenstein's failure to mother his child results from an earlier failure of empathy. The De Laceys embody Mary Shelley's ideal of the egalitarian family -- with one important exception: they lack a mother. Frankenstein's lack of imaginative identification with his creation, his lack of what Keats would have called "negative capability," causes him to make a critical mistake. And it never occurs to him that he might have created a female incapable of reproduction. This time she is saved by passing strangers. Anyway, she loved this guy. This is relevant because Mary Shelley identifies her monster as having mummy-like qualities. For William Frankenstein is a deliberate portrait of William Shelley: he has the same "lively blue eyes, dimpled cheeks, and endearing manners" 37 , the same "dark eyelashes and curling hair" and propensity to take little wives 62 , Louisa Biron being William Frankenstein's favorite playmate, where Allegra Byron was William Shelley's choice. He states that the "republic of letters founded by Emerson and Whitman may be down to one of its last citizens" Having felt rejected by her father, emotionally when he married Mary Jane Clairmont and overtly when she eloped with Percy Shelley, Mary had long repressed a hostility to Godwin that erupted in the murder of his namesake.

Marr, with the inclusion of an epilogue, becomes justifiably skeptical and questions whether or not a permanent democracy has ever become an accomplished fact in America. Percy Shelley was little Rocky Mountain Review better—happy to allow Thomas Hogg to console his mourning wife, while he enjoyed the company of her step-sister Clair.

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He uses The Handmaid's Tale to illustrate that a movement away from Emerson's Nature results in an artificial world ofdecree that subjugates men and women alike.

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Mary Shelley: Her Life, Her Fiction, Her Monsters by Anne K. Mellor