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Also, looking at character positioning, when the other female character, Allison, is left on the street as her parents car has driven away, she is shown in an extreme long shot towards the left of the screen. In addition to this, as the car stops just before hitting him and him being unfazed and dodging it shows his unbothered nature and sets and image for the audience that he will be more rebellious and attitudinal in the rest of the film.

In this opening sequence, synchronous sound is used.

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Following the cast member credits, a quote by David Bowie " While the two men haven't seen each other in years, and while Joe doesn't give a reason for his sudden call, the narrator assumes that Joe has information about Holly Golightly, a woman who lived in the apartment beneath his and with whom he frequented Joe's bar.

As the shot cuts to the girl and her father in the car, with him handing over a shopping can emphasise that she is perhaps a spoiled character and the family often takes pride in their riches, as the expensive car brand portrays this.

However, the use of the soundtrack and the voice over fades as we see the first glimpse of the characters that are introduced into the scene. Rather, artists often "coded" characters as gay or lesbian by implying they had an eccentric, or "inverted" sexual identity.

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This works well because it emphasizes the films romantic atmosphere and films appeal with its use of lighting. The African refuses to part with his carving, Yunioshi is willing to pay a seemingly unlimited amount of money and goods for it, and the narrator travels across the city in the rain at the mere suggestion of news of Holly. Posted by. Yunioshi, struck by the resemblance to his former neighbor, offered to buy the carving, but found the artist strangely reluctant to part with his work. After mixing him a "White Angel" half vodka, half gin , Joe asks the narrator if he remembers a Japanese man named I. One of the editing techniques that are used in this sequence is match on action. These characters wrestle with self-acceptance; longs for parental approval; and fight against peer pressure. Allison Reynolds Allison Reynolds is the so called 'basket case' of the group. After smoking weed, he admits he has been pressured to do wrestling and doesn't even like it or say anything in the matter. It can also emphasise her isolation and show that perhaps she will be shown as more of an isolated character in the film as the large negative space surrounds her, showing her character is alone. Also when referring to the editing, at the beginning of the sequence, there are a series of short takes, that cut from one to another. The establishment shot it also successful at creating this romanticised presence, because of its soft glowing hues and natural high key lighting creates a dream like atmosphere linking to the idealistic themes present in the sequence. He is pressured to succeed in school by his parents as is seen at the start of the film when he arrives at the school. All the characters face a change in mentality towards each other, but Andrew also realizes he can take control of his own actions and think for himself despite the immense pressure from his father to be a resilient athlete.

The camera moves horizontally to the left during the monologue, encountering obstacles that keep Andrew from sight. The men were sick with fever and were forced to stay in the village for several weeks in an isolated hut while they recovered, while the woman developed an affection for the carver and slept with him on his mat.

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This enables the audience to see the full extent of the quote and shock them into seeing some of the natures of the students at school as they witness the noose hanging from a locker.

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