An overview of the technology and censorship control in singapore

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The MDA views this as a step towards "co-regulation", its term for working together with artists to define classification boundaries. The idea is that staff will get less heavily censored materials than students. Under it, arts practitioners are to be trained by the MDA as "content assessors" to ensure compliance with the authority's classification guidelines.

It could bring together the arts group and audience members for a mediation session, where the latter could better understand the artistic intention of the work, and the artists have a chance to see where the audience is coming from. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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It then gives it an age-appropriate advisory or rating. Recently, through some misinterpretation of an official request, public Internet accounts of one Singapore service were scanned for.

First, materials for homes are more heavily censored than those for businesses. But good art interrogates the human condition in all its weird and wonderful states, and puts them all on display, so that we who look gain insight into our own lives.

As the position paper puts it: "Artists and arts practitioners For example, Usenet groups accessed through the local PTT, Singapore Telecom, are more heavily censored than those accessed through the local universities.

For so long, the authorities have been wary of trusting the populace with the responsibility of weighing what is in the "public good".

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Censorship and Content Regulation of the Internet