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She gave a space to the private; my father did not. On the minus side, her macro-micro approach to historic events, a formula pioneered in nonfiction by Alex Haley in "Roots," is marked by chronological lapses that are likely to frustrate a reader with a limited knowledge of the tortuous ideological campaigns inside the Chinese Communist Party.

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Mao Zedong was dead and the Gang of Four had been toppled when a young woman from Chengdu in Sichuan Province made use of a small opening to the West to study English abroad on a Government scholarship that took her to Britain in the fall of The second of five children, she was given to a wet nurse who lived with her in a protected cocoonlike Government compound.

China faced invasion by Japan, and possibly Russia, as well as growing internal conflict between rival warlords. While she has a life of relative luxury, prolonged boredom and loneliness take a psychological toll.

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Unexpectedly with his last words, the General proclaims Yu-Fang free at the age of twenty-four. Despite the luxurious surroundings and exquisite accommodations life for Yu-Fang was stressful and tense as she feared that the servants would report rumors or lies about her to the General's senior wife who would then pass them on to him.

Her mother and older sister remain in Chengdu. After arrival at Nanjing, Chang's mother undertook gruelling military training. Does one stand out as particularly courageous?

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Wild Swans by Jung Chang [A Review]