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The Original Name Of Twix Twix was not always the original name of the candy bar that is now known by such said designation. Unfortunately, their plans were foiled by the perils of the era—namely, too much hairspray and too much Billy Ocean. Give them distinct personalities and let me choose. This change in the bar resulted in captivating the market which was earlier not as excited for the Twix bar. What The Sell Twix? These candy bars include Twix. Back then, it had a packaging of a gold wrapper with orange text. Stop it! The now popular Twix bar was not always a favorite chocolate bar of customers during its history.

The name Raider was changed to Twix seemingly to try to promote interest and refresh sales. This worldwide re-branding of an old bar of the company took place between the years andwhere it was not always welcomed with open arms. It all changed the moment I saw your commercial.

Give me my story arc, my characters I care about, my… my… love for Twix. Turn this narrative in to a monthly release, like a comic book.

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Sure it makes sense in a brand management story telling aspect, but wheres the back end? The classic Twix has a flat bottom and a ridged top-side, with chocolate coating the cookies and often caramel, peanut butter ,and other confections inside that are surrounding the bread-like interior of the candy bar.

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