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It gets active and people come out and start having fun. Somehow the flight was not missed and this brought an end to our to-be-cherishable-for-lifetime trip. Tourists are also provided with numerous top-tier hotels in Goa.

Ways to commute Goa may be reached through its sole airport Dabolim through the medium of air and also by using the many buses connecting the country with other towns in India by and large Mumbai, Mangalore and Bangalore. The night market is near Club Cubana and has adequate parking for bikes, but not cars.

Seafood at Zeebop We spent the first few days staying in South Goavisiting different beaches, hotels and villages, and generally getting a feel for the region.

We decided to take that little trip of adventure and moved to the beach. The South is regarded as a more relaxed and peaceful part of Goa, something reflected by beaches such as Arossim and Benaulim. Had refreshments there and then finally moved to the two churches. Come here for antiques, textiles, traditional handicrafts, Goan pottery, spices, culmination, self-made pickles, sausages and greater.

We planned a short trip to Goa. For dancing, there was a nearby place called as Waters. At Bats Island, we spent the whole day relaxing and Snorkelling. We enjoyed this day a lot since we had good time with the cruise.

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The night market starts at around 6 pm and it is the perfect spot for shopping if you can bargain ;late night parties and you get to view mixed culture.

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Short Paragraph on My Trip to Goa ( Words)