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Cultural fluency means familiarity with cultures: their natures, how they work, and ways they intertwine with our relationships in times of conflict and harmony.

Cultural messages shape our understandings of relationships, and of how to deal with the conflict and harmony that are always present whenever two or more people come together.

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Another way to explore meaning making is through metaphors. I began to wonder: why is peace so hard to think about?

It seems that no matter what the decision some groups will always have different feelings towards them of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Surely, there were ways to study its power and its limits, particularly when people were faced with tempestuous times.

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To help analyse this reflection, I will use the Gibbs model of reflection. Who were they and what were they up to, those villagers who saved others at such risk to themselves?

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They are clues to what might be happening when people are in conflict over long periods of time. Most of the time when people have contact, there is some type of conflict. And you wanted to study war no more. And what are those choices? So conflicts escalate, with no one knowing what to do about it. The story of Cain and Abel is one of the earliest accounts of homicide, and the Roman Republic viewed homicide as a family matter, not one that needed government intervention. The Muslims also claims the ownership of the land according to the Quran. There are few institutions in most developing societies that understand or engage in the practice of conflict resolution.

According to the documentary, the conflicts have consumed the lives of many innocent people.

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Conflict Essay