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Short was his gowne, with sleves longe and wyde; Wel koude he sitte on hors and faire ryde; He koude songes make and wel endite, Juste and eek daunce, and weel purtreye and write. Crist spak hymself ful brode in hooly writ, And wel ye woot no vileynye is it.

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Through his trials Troilus learns, as have Dante and Petrarch before him, that loving a real woman is the only real love. During this time, he was also was elected Knight of the Shire and served in Parliament.

And that, all his works almost, if they be thoroughly advised, will testify albeit done in mirth, and covertly ; and especially the latter end of his third book of the Testament of Love … Wherein, except a man be altogether blind, he may espy him at the full: although in the same book as in all others he useth to dounder shadows covertly, as under a visor, he suborneth truth in such sort, as both privily she may profit the godly-minded, and yet not be espied of the crafty adversary.

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Chaucer did not try, however, to impress his relatives with his French, but began to develop English into a highly flexible literary language. For a time thereafter he served as deputy forester for the royal forest at North Petherton, England.

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During this time, he was also was elected Knight of the Shire and served in Parliament. If one fed a domestic animal, they used its Saxon name, sheep; but if one ate it, they likely called it by its French name, mouton, which soon became mutton. Chaucer did not complete the work before he died. Hoold up youre hond, withouten moore speche. The collection is actually three separately printed texts, or collections of texts, bound together as one volume. Chaucer received various appointments, including justice of the peace in Kent , Clerk of the King's Works , and, after his term as Clerk of the King's Works sometime after , deputy forester of the royal forest of North Petherton in Somerset. Some scholars contend that 16th-century editions of Chaucer's Works set the precedent for all other English authors in terms of presentation, prestige and success in print. Testament of Love also appears to borrow from Piers Plowman.
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