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It means saying all that needs to be said and no more. Do we know each other? Our Language Any is constantly changing. Correctness At the core of correctness are the proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. You thus need to ensure that reviewers have all the facts at hand if you wish that your project is convincing. Unfortunately, the message does not always come across as intended. The audience can picture spending quality time with their kids — and what parent could argue with that? Consideration means understanding of human nature. Yet they could be even more effective if they took voice lessons or studied theories of offensive or defensive play. Courteous communication generates a special tone in their writing and speaking. We communicate verbally, non-verbally and in writing. With body movements you have the emblems which are your body gesture.

Conciseness A message should be as short as possible. Brevity is the magic word: it is the use of fewer words. There are different types of body messages too one is called body movements. Courtesy means not only thinking about receiver but also valuing his feelings.

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Informal 3. The last sentence in a paragraph should indicate the information in the next paragraph. Also take into consideration the principle that each simple sentence must answer the who, what, when, why, where, and how questions as appropriate for each of your communication efforts. Correctness is interconnected with the principle of consideration. Center Coherent is closely related to clarity - easy to read and understand with a logical flow and sequence — it just means tying up several ideas in one topic. Consideration: Consideration means that the sender prepares every message keeping the receiver in mind. In fact, even dictionaries cannot keep up with rapid change in our language. Include only relevant material 3. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. An ambiguous message will not be able to make effective communication. By taking the audience into account, the message can be geared towards them. Spectrum communications Private limited use spectrum. Concise is omitting all that creates ambiguity. Eliminate wordy expression.

It means saying all that needs to be said and no more. How to cite this article: Mulder, P. It brings about continuity and grace in your writing. More information Aggarwal, Vir Bala and V.

7 cs of communication

When statements are varied, they will confuse the receiver. Creativity A text will only be lively when the words and sentence structures are used creatively and when short sentences are alternated with longer sentences. They are applicable to both oral and written communication. Here the sender should consider the problems, desire, circumstances, emotion, and probable reaction of the reader or receiver. In both cases, if the communication is ineffective, the main message of your work will be obscured or lost. Communication involves sending and receiving messages. Handbook of Journalism and Mass Communication. Courtesy means not only thinking about receiver but also valuing his feelings.

Moreover, business executives do not have much time to go through a long message. When the meetin is to be held? Use the right Level of Language We suggest that there are three level of language 1.

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7 C’s of Effective Communication